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Sell and Stay Program

Do you want to buy your next home, but can't get your offers accepted because they are contingent on the sale of your home?

Want to buy a home but don't want to be limited to only the homes on the market when your home is on the market?

Can't buy your next home because you have too much debt?

Can't buy your next home because you don't have a large enough down payment?

Think the housing market is going to crash, and want to cash out without moving?

Our Sell and Stay Program can help.

How the Program Works

Send us your address

Not every home qualifies for our Sell and Stay Program. Send us your address and we will let you know if your home qualifies.


Normal Selling Process

If you agree to the terms of our offer, we would proceed through the normal home selling process and typically close in 3-4 weeks.

Purchase Your Next Home

Purchasing your next home will now be easier as you are not contingent on selling your old home, and you have the proceeds from the sale of your home for a larger down payment, or to pay down debt. 

Purchase Price and Rent Terms

If you home qualifies, we will let you know what the purchase price would be and how much the rent would be. We typically offer full market value for your home. 

Lease Back to Buyer

Once the home has closed, you will stay in the home as a tenant and pay rent to the new owner, at the agreed rental rate.


If we represent you on both the selling of your home, and the purchase of your next home, we will cover the difference between your old mortgage payment and the quoted rental rate. (Up to 6 months or 1% of purchase price of your old home)

What Our Clients Say

Send us your address to see if your home qualifies

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