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Selling your Home

Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Strategy is the most important thing to take into consideration when hiring a listing agent. Because let's be honest, you hire a listing agent to find buyers for your home, and to sell it for the most amount of money. The listing agent's ability to do this is solely based on their marketing strategy.

Free Real Estate Book

The Ultimate Guide to Tucson Real Estate is a must read for those planning to sell their home in the near future. It tells you everything from:

- How to choose the right agent

- How to get your home ready for market

- Selling "For Sale By Owner"

- Step by step Guide to selling your home

Sell And Stay

 One of the biggest problems in this market for sellers is that they cannot buy and sell their home at the same time. When seller's have multiple offers, they won't accept an offer with the added risk of being contingent on selling a home. Our Sell and Stay Program solves this problem.


Home Selling Tips

We have been asked almost every question possible over  our combined 58 years in Real Estate. We decided to put all of those questions and answers into a series of 3 minute or less videos. If you have questions, check them out. And if you have a question not answered, let us know, we will answer and make a new video. 

Home Valuation

Did you know that online home values  have an average error of 5.8% in Tucson. That means the average home is off by almost $20,000 on average. 

Send us your address and we will provide you with an accurate home value within 24 hours.

Market Analysis

We spend hours every week analyzing the housing market. We track everything from home values, number of listings, number of buyers, inventory levels, and interest rates. Not just on a macro level, but we break it down by price point and area because sub markets can act very differently than the whole market.


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