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Listing Marketing Strategy

Having a Listing Agent with a strong marketing strategy to sell your home. After all, this is one of the main reasons you hired the listing agent in the first place. To find you a buyer. And taking photos, putting on the MLS, and waiting, doesn't count as a marketing strategy. 

Our Goal

Our Goal is not just to get you one offer. It is to get you multiple offers and to create a bidding war to increase the price and get you the best terms possible.

Social Media Advertising

People spend 2 hours a day on Social Media! We will get your home where people will see it.

Potential Reach: 10,000 people per week

Online Banner Advertising

Your home will follow prospective buyers all over the internet. They will see the home on the top or side of the page.


Potential Reach: 10,000 views a week

All of our advertising will direct interested buyers to your home's website to get more information on your home. This will give us an opportunity to follow up with them.

Professional Photos

Buyers start the house hunting online. And when you are looking at homes online, what is the first thing you look at? Pictures. The pictures need to look amazing to get them to want to see your home in person.

Professional Video

Real Estate Listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without video. And we are talking a real walk through video, not just a picture slideshow video. 

Coming Soon Promotion

By generating interest before the home hits the market, we increase the chance of having multiple interested buyers and multiple competing offers.


You would be surprised how many homes are sold because your neighbor had a friend or family member that wanted to live in their neighborhood.

Email Blast

We get hundreds of leads every month, there is a good chance at least one of them will be interested in your home.

Open Houses

There is no easier way to sell a home than to someone who is already in your home. We help them visualize themselves living in the home.

Promote Listing to Realtors

When inventory is low, realtors typically have buyer’s waiting for a home to hit the market. By reaching out to other realtors, we may find those buyers.

Reverse Prospecting

This tells us when your home appeared as a result in a Realtor's search. We can then follow up with that agent to get them out to see your home.

Persuasive Property Description

People do not buy homes, they buy lifestyle. If you describe what is in the home, you will lose them. Instead we try to paint a picture of how life will be living in your home.

Listing on Multiple Wesbsites

Your home will appear on all of the largest home search websites. To name a few, Tucson MLS, Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, and front and center on our website,

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