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Listing Marketing Strategy

We guarantee to get your home seen by more buyers than any other agent.

Listing Videos

We'll film a fun and entertaining video of your home that will get people to not only watch the entire video, but share it with their friends, co-workers, and family. Listing with videos receive 403% more inquires than those without video. 

Click Here to see examples of these videos

Social Media

We'll show the listing video to a targeting audience of potential home buyers on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Our videos will be receive 25,000 views on Facebook along in the first couple weeks. 

Click here to check out our Facebook Page

Online Banner

Have you ever researched an item online, and then that item seems to appear every where you go. We'll do the same thing with your home. If anyone within a 10 mile radius of your home has researched homes online, we will make sure they constantly seen your home. These ads are seen 10,000 times per week. 


Pictures are the first thing buyers look at when searching for a home online. Your home needs to look amazing in the photos to get them to want to see your home in person. This is why we hire BoomPix Real Estate Media to take high-end photos of all of our listings

Exclusive Open

You would be surprised how many of our homes are sold because your neighbor knew someone that wanted to live nearby. To take advantage of this, we send an invitation to all of your neighbors inviting them to the Neighborhood Exclusive Open House, which takes place for one hour before the normal Open House. 

Floor Plan

Pictures and Video can only show so much of the home. To many buyers, the layout is one of the most important aspects of the home. To help the prospective buyers get a feel for your layout, we use AI to create a floor plan of your home. 

Custom Website 

All of our advertising will direct buyers to your home's custom website. On this website will be all the information about your home, as well as a place where they can reach out to us with questions or to schedule a showing. 

Click Here is see an example of a Custom Website

Realtor Network

When there are not a lot of homes for sale, Realtor's typically have buyers who are ready to buy, but are just waiting for the right home to hit the market. We will reach out to our network of Realtors before your home is on the market, to find these potential buyers. 

Reverse Prospecting

This shows us which Realtors have saved searches that included your home. We will reach out to these Realtors to try and schedule a showing for them and their buyers. And if they choose not to show their client your home, we will ask for feedback as to why not, to help get us where we need to be to sell your home.

Persuasive Property Descriptions

We spend a lot of time curating the property descriptions for our listings. We want them to not only highlight the features of your home, but we want to mentally walk them through the home. We want to paint a picture of what life would be like living in your home. 

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