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Off The Market Home Search

We are currently facing the biggest home shortage in Tucson history. This means that it could take weeks or months for the right home to hit the market. And when it does you have to compete with other buyers. 

To avoid that chaos, let us search the area for home that match your search but are not on the market. We will contact the owner to see if they are willing to sell their home. There are actually a lot of homeowners out there that would like to sell, but haven't taken the necessary steps to do so. 

If we find a homeowner who wants to sell, you can find a home without the costly bidding war, and the homeowner can sell their home without the hassle of putting the home on the market. 

Here is how we find Off the Market Properties

Social Media

We will create an ad on Facebook and Instagram asking if people know of anyone thinking about selling a home that matches what you are looking for. 

Off-Market List of Sellers

Over the years, we have had 100s of people reach out to us about selling their home, but decided to wait. When we have a buyer looking for their home, we will tell them in hopes that will entice them to sell to you.


We will do a reverse search on the MLS to find homes that match exactly what you are looking for. We will then send a letter to them, informing them we have a buyer looking for their exact home.

Realtor Network

We have great relationships with a ton of other Realtors. Other agents have a similar list of potential sellers. We will reach out to them with what you are looking for to see if their client would be willing to sell to you.

So Tell Us, What are you looking for?




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