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Real Estate Investing

Our analytic minded team would love to assist you with all your real estate investing needs. We have experience in Buy and Hold, House Flipping, and multi-family units. 

Buy and Hold

We have an entire team dedicated to our investor clients. We spend hours every month analyzing rental rates and home prices across the Tucson and Phoenix Markets. We can work with you to develop buying criteria that fits your goals. We also have proprietary formulas to help calculate yields, NOI, rehab budgets, and more. 

If you are thinking about growing your real estate portfolio, or buying your first investment property, we would love to help. 

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House Flipping

If flipping homes is more your style, we can help you from beginning to end on each project.

- Off Market Properties

- Rehab Estimates

- ARV projection

- ROI Calculation

- Financing

- Contractor Recommendation

- Selling the Finished Project

Flipping a home can have a lot of surprises. Let an experienced team work for you to minimize the surprises, and increase the upsize.


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